Anmyna 3D Eyebrow Pencil


Precise and Easy to Definition. Long Lasting Eyebrows to Perfection. Easily define eyebrows with dots.

  • Dark Brown
  • Naturally smooth &┬áDefine Eyebrows
  • Radiant color
  • Contains Vitamin E
  • 2 in 1 design is easy to use for beginners.
    • Spiral Brush
      • soft and adheres easily to skin
    • Pen Tip
      • Triangle edges perfect for any eyebrow shapes
      • Precise application and defined lines
      • Give natural and smooth finish, long last and pigmented
      • Easy to use for beginners to enhance overall physical look
  • 3 Easy Steps. Shape, fill and blends.
  • Water & Sweat proof
    • Does not Smudge or smear easily with water
  • Create Natural-looking Finish.
  • Create Feathered Eyebrows Like A Pro.
  • Create Neatly Organised Eyebrows.
Easy Way to Draw Eyebrows
  • Step 1
    Outline desire shape with the triangle edge tip.
  • Step 2
    Fill in your brows using soft strokes in direction of hair growth.
  • Step 3
    Using the spiral brush to blend in colour, soften the edge and distribute evenly to create a natural matte finish.
Best way to use it
  • Extend only 2mm for application. Over extension of pencil length makes it difficult to ensure perfect precision.
  • During application, raise the pencil tip 45 degree for the best result.
  • Draw gently for light stroke to get a natural looking.


  • Beginners, daily makeup, professional use.
  • Darker Hair
    • Black, black brown, dark brown, chestnut brown and others
  • Skin Tone
    • Fair skin, Natural skin, Dark skin


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Anmyna 3D Eyebrow PencilAnmyna 3D Eyebrow PencilAnmyna 3D Eyebrow PencilAnmyna 3D Eyebrow PencilAnmyna 3D Eyebrow PencilAnmyna 3D Eyebrow PencilAnmyna 3D Eyebrow Pencil

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