ANMYNA Cleansing Essence Cotton and Cleansing Serum


ANMYNA Cleansing Essence Cotton 50pcs / box

  1. 50 pcs individual packed in a box for hygiene purpose
  2. 1 pc = 7ml essence
  3. remove makeup
  4. moisturising
  5. unclogged pores
  6. remove grease and dirt

ANMYNA Cleansing Serum 300ml

  1. very convenience to remove makeup in few seconds
  2. improve skin resistance ability and protect skin while remove makeup
  3. deep cleansing effect and easily remove makeup without leaving stains
  4. lock in water & nutrient to keep skin moist


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Anmyna Cleansing SerumAnmyna Cleansing SerumAnmyna Cleansing Serum

Additional information

Additional information

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