Anmyna Soft Pure Cotton Face Towel 1 Big Bag ( 10 small packs )


Are you still using these? Towel, Wipes, Tissues, Cleansing cotton or Kitchen wipes.

Hurry and throw it away!

  • 1 big bag ( 10 small packs )
  • 100% cotton
  • Not easily fall scrap
  • Not easily deformed
  • Pure plant degradable
    • Recycle
    • Material of the face towel will not pollute the environment, main material is cotton, which will not difficult to handle after use.
    • Burning test: no black smoke, no odour, after burnt like dust , no black solid material
  • Fine material
  • No irritation to the skin
  • Natural fiber and colour
  • Strong water absorption
    • Wet or dry use
    • Softer after use with water
  • Easy & convenient to bring
    • Lightweight
    • Daily and travel essential
  • Multi-purpose usage for one piece of face towel
    • Personal
      • Cosmetics dirt remover
      • Face cleaning
      • Bag & shoes cleaning
      • Item cleaning
      • Apply toner on it for hydration
      • Travel use
      • Mud mask washing
    • Kitchen cleaning
    • Tableware wipe
    • Household cleaning
    • Maternal and child care cleaning
    • Bottle wiping
    • Fruit and vegetable wipes
  • Pull out the face towel
  • Dry or wet use (Able to use after wet)
  • Suitable for everyone
  • Especially for babies and sensitive skin


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Additional information

Additional information

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