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This luxurious essence is made with the ‘liquid gold’ of essential oils – Australian macadamia nut oil. It gently repairs and revitalises hair while combating 9 major hair problems including dull hair, limp yellowish hair, split ends, brittle hair, coarse hair, dry hair, matted and tangled hair and hair damaged by perms. In addition, ANMYNA Multi Therapy Essence helps to maintain a healthy and clean scalp without over drying.

  • Concentrated and refined formula to nourish hair
  • Combats 9 major hair problems
  • Conditions hair to be soft and silky smooth
  • Maintains a healthy scalp and healthier hair
  • Nourishes hair follicles


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Apply on dry or wet hair. Leave on and do not rinse off water. Suitable for use with other hair care products. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, rinse immediately with water.

  1. For dry hair application
    • Apply two to three drops of essence onto dry hair for a naturally glossy look.
  2. For application before washing hair
    • Enhance nourishment intake of ANMYNA shampoos by applying two or three drops of essence onto hair before washing your hair. Massage essence onto hair evenly until absorbed.
  3. For application before dry-blowing hair
    • Apply two to three drops of essence on wet hair to prevent lasting damage from hair dryer and hot air.
Additional information

Additional information

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Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 14.5 cm
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