[NEW] FREEZE-DRIED ESSENCE EYE MASK EXCLUSIVE 3 boxes + Free Eye Mist + 2 pairs Eye Mask


1 box consists of 5 pairs of Eye Mask

3 boxes consist of 15 pairs of Freeze-Drying Eye Mask

Free extra 2 pairs of Eye Mask + 1 x Eye Mist (while stock last)

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Dry state of the freeze-dried eye mask, its so light, after contact with water its like the first snow quickly melted on the skin but not the slightest sticky sense of colloid, colorless, tasteless, no stimulation of the fresh skin feeling, bring extremely comfortable experience.Freeze-dried black technology “freeze” the active ingredients, the composition of higher stability, lifting and stroking lines smooth eye lines, tight eye recovery eye muscle fullness.

[Main ingredients]
Sodium hyaluronate,Soluble collagen´╝îarginine
Sodium hyaluronate
Naturally present in the corneal skin, it can absorb 1000 times its own weight of moisture, in order to achieve by retaining skin moisture, prevent moisture loss through the epidermis, and when the skin is damaged barrier repair, so that the skin will not feel dry after use, increase luster.

Soluble collagen
Recombinant human collagen (soluble collagen): Highly consistent with the human body’s own collagen, it can quickly reach the bottom of the muscle, improve cell activity, promote fiber cell growth, accelerate skin metabolism.

Conopeptide is a highly folded peptide, strong penetration, high stability, targeted at muscle relaxation.

Step1 Apply under the eyes with toner / eye serum
Step2 Gently pick up the lyophilized eye mask and apply it under the eye with dry hands / dry tweezers
Step3 Soak dry film cloth with pure water / toner (wet film cloth)
Step4 Stick the wet film on the lyophilized eye mask for 10 minutes. Remove the film and massage the skin around the eyes until absorbed.

[Suggested collocation]
It is recommended to mix with Skincare Toner, Dreamy Skin Cream and Deluxe Cream to replenish skin moisture and moisturize skin. [This product is suitable for all skin types]

In order to avoid the “deactivation” of the freeze-dried essence eye mask, the use of freeze-dry eye mask can not be used with alcohol-containing cosmetics at the same time;
When using, please avoid the wound, please put the baby can not get, so as not to eat;
Discontinue use immediately and consult a physician if any discomfort persists after use.

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Additional information

Additional information

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