Tagacafè Armorproof Chocolate, Belgian Chocolate
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Tagacafè Armorproof Chocolate (2 box Promotion)

Tagacafè Armorproof Chocolate
Belgian Hot Chocolate (2 box) = RM299 (NP: RM376)

New Belgian Chocolate Flavour.

An upgraded Armorproof formula with Omega-3. It is an ideal nutritious breakfast for you and your whole family to provide daily essential nutrients, boost energy, suppress hunger, lower the blood sugar level to fully enhance individual health and live with vitality.

This product is highly recommended for diabetics and obesity patients.

Blood pressure, Anti-oxidant, Weight Management, Promote brain & eyesight development, Increase intelligence & concentration, Reduce cardiovascular diseases risk, Strength bones and teeth, Reduce hyperactivity in children with ADHD, Anti-inflammatory, Strengthen immune system, Improve eczema and skin irritation, Improve arthritis joint symptoms, Appetite satiating, Energize body